Alamo City Corvair College

Alamo City Corvair College

conducted January 18, 2003

This was the setting for the "Alamo City Corvair College" held at Lew Mason's hangar on San Geronimo Airpark outside San Antonio, TX. It was a chilly morning, but we had a great turnout anyway.

Gracious host Lew Mason, who is the airport manager at San Geronimo. Tweaking his satellite dish to receive the latest command and control information from the Iraqi Army ;o)

One could argue that the first official arrival was Dragonfly builder Ted Forringer from Longview, TX since he spent the night in the EAA clubhouse and was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to go on Saturday morning when we went in to set up coffee and donuts.

However, one could also argue that Dr. Andy Elliott was the first official arrival, since he flew in to the field from Arizona on Friday afternoon and his beautiful American AA-1 was out for all to see. Note the lettering on the side of the cockpit, indicating Andy's air race win in this plane.

Another shot of Andy Elliott's beautiful spam can.

Another early-morning arrival was Bruce King in his exceptional Hummel Bird.

Here's the panel in Bruce's Hummel. Can you say "fits like a fighter?"

Tailwheel on the Hummel is from an inline skate or skateboard that Bruce found while out running. Homebuilders are frugal, but not dumb!

And a shot of the 1835 VW on the nose of the Hummel. With a full VW, this plane can really climb.

Doug Steen and his dad, Wally Steen, flew their beautiful V-tailed Bonanza to the event. Here Doug exits the cabin after a perfect squeaker landing.

William arrived to a packed clubhouse, and the coffee and donuts flowed freely. Here William talks with Dan Benson (right) about his CAD 3-view drawings of the Corvair engine. Also listening in is Charles Navarro from LN Engineering, maker of the "Nickies" Nikasil plated lightweight cylinders for the VW and Corvair engines. Charles flew in all the way from Momence, IL to attend and show his wares. At the far left in baseball cap is Gus Warren, who drove most of the miles from Florida out to Texas with William. The plan was to start at 8 AM at the hangar, but it was so chilly outside and the crowd was so large that William elected to hold a "briefing" to answer the huge number of questions that started flowing in.

The crowd begins to gather in the EAA Chapter 35 clubhouse. At the table on the right is Dave Morris, a Dragonfly guy who brought his core engine to the College for a tear-down.

William begins the briefing and philosophizing. Suspended above him is a model of Howard Hughes' "Spruce Goose" Hercules, with scale Corvair engine power ;o) At the close of the briefing there were 40 souls present in the room, including William.

More of the interested listeners. Far left, in coveralls, is EAA 35 President Norris Warner, who is building a Breezy. Center of the picture, directly in front of the fireplace, is KR-2S builder Ricky Farley of San Angelo, TX. Ricky was the hardiest of all the College attendees... the last to leave as the College adjourned on Sunday night.

College host and go-fer Oscar Zuniga (left)... Professor of Corvairology William Wynne (right).

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