Emili's Squirrel

Emili's Super Squirrel

revised September 22, 2001

This is an industrious fellow named Emili, from Spain. As you can see, he is wheelchair bound, so the standard M-19 was not going to work for him. What he's doing is revamping the M-19 fuselage to make it wider, taller, and easier for him to get into and to fit his wheelchair into. At present, he has to have an assist from someone to load his wheelchair into whatever he flies, so he's trying to make it where he can get in and load the wheelchair in by himself. Otherwise... every flight he makes is "local only", back to his starting point where his wheelchair awaits. Think about it: he's also got to be able to preflight it, untie it, start it, load and unload, probably fuel it- by himself. And we thought we had it hard! Oh, and get this- the stretched M-19 won't be his first project; he's built and flown others. This guy is a model for many of us.

Here's how one of the cabin sides is looking. If you've looked at the stock M-19 cabin profile, you'll see where the stretching has occurred. The door opening is, necessarily, much wider and taller.

Good luck, Emili!

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