Marvin Barnard's Prototype M-19, Engine Page


revised March 10, 1999

A shot of the cowled engine. This one has the Bosch distributor; low-profile but still protrudes into the airstream somewhat. Short stacks on exhaust.

Closeup of the engine-to-firewall area. Homebuilt dynamo arrangement using John Deere parts. Carb heat baffle on top rear of cylinder head. Windshield brace in upper right hand of photo.

Port side, upper cowl removed. Cowling directly attached to edge of firewall.

Top view, cowl removed. Engine mounts very close to firewall.

View from below, starboard side of engine.

Lower front of cowling and engine. Carb, air filter, carb heat box, oil cooler are visible.

Full frontal view of the airplane, upper cowl removed. Overall width of firewall is 25-1/2".

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