Marvin Barnard's Prototype M-19, Interior of the Airplane Page


revised March 17, 1999

View inside the empennage, looking aft to the tailplate. Rudder control cables along sides in tubing, elevator cables down center. Inspection cover far aft on bottom.

The aileron bellcrank assembly, with crossover tie cable. Drag through-spar and top rear of cabin.

Main through-spar, wing attach fittings, aileron control pulley and bracket. Cabin brace is the steel tube connected to face of through-spar. Note filler in 1/4" gap between top of through-spar and cabin roof.

View beneath instrument panel. Rear of firewall showing engine mount attach bolts, rudder pedals, battery box, control stick, wiring and cables. Surgical tubing holds cables clear of rudder pedals.

Inside of door, showing simple handle and latch. Instrument panel and control stick.

Instrument panel. Note cabin braces (steel tubes), floor crosspieces, control stick limit plate, door hinge, rudder pedal routing. Aileron control cable rises out from below floor to pulley at main through-spar.

Inside corner of cabin, showing translucency of fiberglass bid cloth. Wood framing members clearly visible.

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