Various Views of the M-19

Various Views and Studies of the M-19

revised Jan. 12, 1999

These are some studies of the M-19 instrument panel. The first one shows how impossible it is to fit radios into the panel. The second one shows a probable layout of my own panel, with instruments mounted from the front. The third one shows the same thing, but with instruments mounted from behind. Included is a selector switch for reading CHT from all 4 cylinders; I probably won't do this after all.

Top view of the airplane, with theoretical dimensions as calculated. Don't know if this is actual when built.

Side view of the airplane, again with theoretical dimensions as per AutoCAD.

Side view of the airplane with framing showing. Also lines of rudder pedals and cables, and showing outline of folded wings.

Top view with wings folded. It's no wider than the main gear track, which is about 5 ft., and remember that the horizontal stabilizer/elevator assemblies also fold up alongside the vertical stabilizer/rudder. Very nice for getting onto a trailer behind most any normal sized vehicle, unless you own a Metro or Morris Mini.

And here's the classic set of 3-views of the airplane. Some artistic license has been taken, but they are reasonably accurate from a theoretical standpoint.

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