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Documenting the construction of my homebuilt aircraft... and providing the aviation world with information on the amazing Barnard M-19 homebuilt aircraft.

Marvin Barnard, piloting the prototype M-19, N7238B.

Here's another inflight photo of Marvin's plane

Image 12/20/04, received from Justin Drake. Justin is Marvin's buddy who was carrying on the distribution of plans/manual since Marvin's death. He also had the prototype Flying Squirrel and repainted it as you see it in this photo, with WWII "invasion stripes". The prototype has been returned to the Barnard family as of 2012 and is not flying at present.

PLANS/MANUAL AVAILABILITY UPDATE: Earlier this year I received approval from the Barnard family to resume publication and sale of the original plans/manual. As a condition to this, I am going to prepare an updated introduction to the manual, some builder's notes, and other information of use to builders. A draft of the new introduction will be sent to the family for approval and then the M-19 plans/manual will once again be available to builders and experimenters. I hope to have them available in the first quarter of 2016 and will announce the availability here and on the Squirrel Net.

Now here's a great little YouTube video that German RC model builder Rüdiger Götz created. Besides some interesting footage of the original M-19 prototype, Rüdiger has featured both stills and video of his absolutely gorgeous scale model. Beautifully detailed, very accurate in proportion and construction, and it flies very nicely! See what you think:

Here's how my Squirrel looked after arrival at my new hangar in Medford, Oregon. It is still in the shrink-wrapping from the 2100 mile trailer ride from Texas. My Pietenpol had a more comfortable ride, in the back of a 26 foot Penske van. You can see more about the 2002 move of my Squirrel down to Texas here...

This was my Squirrel's home for a time, the EAA 35 hangar at San Geronimo Airpark near San Antonio, Texas. It was a nice workspace with plenty of tools and accessories, plus there were other builders to help with an extra hand and to offer support and encouragement.

I do have an "updates" page for additions and updates (And other stuff I haven't had a chance to put on the correct page yet) but as of 11/27/12 there isn't much new there.

Here's my instrument panel (unpainted and still showing a bit of etch from the waterjet cutting in this photo), with instruments temporarily mounted to see how things will fit. Starting to look like a machine of some sort, eh? Space in the center of the panel is for the Icom handheld COMM and Garmin GPSMap 196. My entire electrical system consists of the ignition toggle switch for the single magneto (left) and a fuse for the magneto-driven tachometer (right).

Here's my construction philosophy. I originally intended to construct a modified KR-2S, but it would have required at least 2000 hrs. of construction time and considerable shop space to do it right. I then decided to construct a simpler project in order to learn and develop the skills needed for the KR project (wood gluing, foam/fiberglass construction, systems installation, fittings and control surfaces, etc.)... this critter is a Barnard M-19 "Flying Squirrel", and is expected to be the first plans-built M-19 if I ever get it done! Not only has this gotten me started learning the needed skills, but it has whetted my appetite for building. In order to maintain my flying skills while I build, I purchased a complete and flying Pietenpol Air Camper from a fine Louisiana gentleman and I enjoy the open cockpit simplicity of the Piet. For the Flying Squirrel I will be using an 1835cc Volkswagen as converted and developed by Great Plains Aircraft Supply; read on to get more information on the KR, the Corvair engine conversion, or the M-19!

There are mailing lists available on the KR, the Corvair, the Pietenpol, and the M-19, for anyone wanting to get instant assistance on-line. These lists work! You can get more information on the KRNet or the Squirrel Net by clicking on the links below, or e-mail me directly for more information. Interactive dialog with builders and pilots will help you with tips, answers to questions, information on building or flying your homebuilt, tools and methods, nifty links to other aviation-related sites, or just good old hangar flying. Go for it!

Want more info? Read all about The Barnard M-19 "Flying Squirrel" here!!

Here's a few shots of the start of Emili's stretched/widened M-19 for his special needs.

There's more info and pictures of the JN-1 here... a lightplane/ultralight designed by Jim Peris that provided Marvin with some of the inspiration for the M-19.

Check out Steve Scarbrough's "Moasi" , a metal-skinned derivative of the M-19 and a scrounger's delight.

Want more speed? Go to the KRNet home page and find all you ever wanted to know about the KR series of aircraft, to join KRNet, or find other great links!!

For the very best of the KR sites, you'll want to visit Mark Langford's KR-2S Site

Here's the link to go to the Yahoo! Groups home page and get info on subscribing to Squirrel Net. Or just search for the Squirrel Net under Recreation/Aviation, and read the posts. Your choice.

Here are some photos of Marvin Barnard's prototype M-19

Materials list from Wicks Aircraft Supply

A whole new concept for a homebuilt 100HP powerplant... the Corvair engine!

Paint scheme for N2069Z, my M-19, Ser. No. 007.

Follow my construction progress on each part of the construction here:

1835 VW Engine (Updated 12/01)

Cowling construction (Updated 9/09)

Cabin construction I

Cabin construction II (Reorganized 1/13/08)

Cabin construction III (Reorganized 1/13/08)

Belly construction (Reorganized 1/13/08)

Tail/empennage construction (Updated 2000)

Joined fuselage construction (Updated 2001)

Landing gear (Reorganized 1/13/08)

Instrument panel and interior (Updated 10/20/00)

Wing construction (Updated 11/22/00)

Controls (Reorganized 1/13/08)

Plans and schemes for Floats and skis for the M-19

And (eventually) my Taxi test, flight test, and in-flight photo page!!!

In loving memory of my brother...

Bernard "Zed" Zuniga

July 28, 1961 ~ January 29, 2001

...in memory of whom I will make the first flight in N2069Z wearing a Hawaiian shirt!

(This page was updated Nov. 30, 2015; added YouTube link and plans/manual availability update.)

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